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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  April 1, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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from cnn center, this is weekend early start. it's 6:00 a.m. in the east, 3:00 a.m. in the west. good morning, everyone. here's what's happening. an around the world yacht race is interrupted by stormy weather, and now a rescue operation underway 400 miles off the coast. i'll have details from the coast guard. also -- >> daddy, where is mom? what you stoppin for? >> terrifying moments for one family trying to escape a colorado wildfire. can you imagine driving through this inferno? and the party is just
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starting from sweet 16 to the final four and now the national college basketball championship. two teams are in it to win it. news doesn't take the weekend off, and neither do we. cnn weekend early start begins right now. let's get to that developing story off the coast of san francisco. the u.s. coast guard trying to reach injured crew members aboard a crippled racing yacht. it is the geraldton western australia. the boat was hit by a massive wave that took away most of their steering and injured four crew members as well. they're around 400 miles off the coast of san francisco. the bay area was supposed to be the next stop in this 40,000 mile round the woshld yacht race. levi reid joins me now from san francisco thanks for joining us. what's the latest. where are rescue crews right now? >> well, currently the coast guard is en route of the vessel, clipper venture six, and they
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are expected to be in range about 8:00 pacific time this morning. in range means it's going to be close enough where the helicopter, which is aboard, will be able to fly to the crippled vessel and the injured people and be able to perform the rescue operation. >> so is that how this is going to work? the rescue chopper is going to drop someone in from above or -- walk me through this rescue. >> yeah, that's correct. once the coast guard helicopter makes its way to the vessel, it will move for a rescue swimmer would, and they train for this kind of thing not so far off all the time, but they will lower somebody on to the boat. he is an emt trained person.
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he will do a medical evaluation. check the injuries, treat the injuries as much as he can, and make a decision on what he needs to do at that point, whether they need to be evacuated or not. stwloo tell me about those injuries. what do we know in terms of the conditions of those that are injured on board. >> well, we haven't been able to do a physical assessment yet, so all we are going on is by reports, and so the reports we have is that there are three injured people. two people with injured ribs and a person with an injured pelvis. they are reported to be serious injuries and so we're not taking those reports lightly. we want to get to them as soon as possible and get them a medical evaluation. >> in terms of the conditions for your team to get out there, what are they facing? >> well, it's been a tough evolution. our first evolution was to fly a
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coast guard c-130 aircraft from sacramento, california, and we took along some air national guard parajumpers, and the plan was to -- that those parajumpers jump off of our aircraft and land in the vicinity of the vessel. that way they could do the medical check for us. that way we could see what we needed to do to evacuate them. we were able to drop off medical supplies to them, but they were not able to complete the jump because of the weather, and so they had to return to base to shore and so plan b came in, and that's when we decided to bring in the coast guard cutter bertov and use a helicopter to do the rest of the rescue. >> petty officer levi reid, appreciate that. >> thank you. zurchlgts the republican presidential candidates are focussing on wisconsin today with the primary coming up on tuesday. some analysts say a victory by mitt rom any in wisconsin could
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all but seal his nomination. rival rick santorum says not so fast. he surgerying religious conservative voters to stick with him. the new nbc maris poll shows rom any leading santorum by seven points. the former massachusetts governor is sounding confident. >> i've got a ways to go before i get 1,144 delegates. i'm not counting the delegates before they hatch, but i'm going to keep working very hard and hope i get a good strong sendoff from wisconsin. i've got a good boost from the folks in illinois, and if i can get that boost also from wisconsin, i think we'll ob a path that can get me the nomination well before the convention. sure hope so. >> wisconsin is just one of three contests we'll be watching on tuesday. maryland and the district of columbia are also holding contests as well. secretary of state hillary clinton says now is an urge ebt moment for -- clinton said president al assad's regime is
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facing serious consequences if it continues to kill anti-government activists. the secret service is investigating a massive data breach that may affect millions of credit card users. credit card processor global payment says it was hit by hackers. it plans a conference call tomorrow with more details. both visa and mastercard say they're alerting banks across the country about specific accounts that could be at risk. we may never know who two of the three mega millionaires are. kansas and maryland are two of the winning tickets are sold don't require winners to come forward publicly. the third ticket was sold in illinois, but even though we don't know the winner's names, we do know they'll each get $218 million a piece. that's before taxes. still, pretty cool return for $1 ticket. from florida to massachusetts to the nation's capital, people seeking justice for trayvon martin.
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ben gel is, head of the naacp talked about the message he and others are trying to send. >> we are all united at our call for justice to be done here in sanford. as many of you know, i spent all of the last week -- not this past week, but the week before here listening to people in this community, and it's clear that this community is coming together around this call for mr. zimmerman to be brought to justice. let's bring in george howell now. he is in sanford, florida, for us this morning. george, has there been any progress on the investigation front? >> at this point the investigation is now in the hands of the state attorney's office. obviously she will look into the case, look into all the details and determine whether george zimmerman will be arrested, and really randy, that's the chorus that we heard with these thousands of people, and they came together here in sanford. people who came to listen to peekers from the naacp and also from the national action
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network. it was also interesting to see a shift -- a shift from this political -- rather, this protest movement to more of a political movement. we heard members of the naacp suggesting to people that it's time to change their anger into constructive actions to register and vote to make a difference in this state in laws that are passed. a lot of people came together here, randy. also in washington d.c. and also in massachusetts. fiery protests there. all these protests peaceful. people demanding that george zimmerman here in florida be arrested in this case. >> and, george, any word this morning on zimmerman's whereabouts? >> it's really the big question. no one really knows where george zimmerman is at this point. he has indicated through his attorney that he will be in hiding. rather, his attorney has indicated that. his attorney, the person who has represented him, has said that there have been threats on his life, that he should remain out of the public eye, but i did
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hear from the city manager a while back that police know where he is. if police need to get in touch with him, they are able to do so. >> all right, george howell for us this morning. thank you. >> to college basketball now and the final is set. the university of kentucky lived up to their number one ranking by beating instate rival louisville. they'll match up against kansas in the final. they'll tip off monday night to decide who is the best. one guy we know who probably stayed up late watching all those games, reynolds wolf. >> no. no, i did not. >> you got some sleep? i was worried about you. >> i watched the first one. the second one, i saw the tipoff, and then -- yeah, come on. the big game is -- what happened last night was certainly big, but the big game is going to be monday night. it should be really exciting. weather might be exciting in parts of the country. especially in the ohio valley where we do have a chance of severe weather. other stories are following. another storm system that was along the california coast and
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now pulling into the mountains and right along parts of the sierra nevada. we could see heavy snow. same deal for parts of the northern rockies, and dry conditions still kicking up, and we have the full enchilada coming up. >> there are stories we're working on. the documentary is taking us inside the lives of bullied children. we'll share one teenager's painful story, and people are still being killed in syria despite new cease-fire talks. in colorado at least two people were killed after a controlled burn sparked an out of control wildfire. we have the frightening story of one man's escape. finally, there's a saying nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right? unless you're trying to have a modelling career in israel where underweight models are now against the law. # ♪
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time once again to say hello to reynolds. >> pretty good across parts of atlanta this morning where we have maybe a few clouds out and about. the mountain range is pulling away. we have strong storms develop. not here, but rather, into the ohio valley. here's the big kicker. we have an area of low pressure that brings a combination of rain, sleet, and snow. all cooler temperatures can be expected. it's going to be right here in the ohio valley. spots like cincinnati where we could deal with rough storms as we make our way through the midday hours. let's do a radar tour for a bit.
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if we do take a peek at the national perspective, you can see already we've got tell tale signs of the storm system developing. we'll see heavy precipitation. that will really enhance later on today as those temperatures begin to rise. back out from the pacific northwest and into the northern rockies, it is all snow for the time being. a few raindrops are in the interior valley along the i-5 corridor and back over the 405, but it's going to be up slope in parts of the cascades, and you've going to see the snow, and then right across parts of the central sierra nevada, we're going to see the chance of snow piling up. some places possibly up to a foot. wrap things up, and take a look at one of the big stories we have. the temperatures very warm today. 90 in kansas city. 87 in memphis, and the other side of things, boston and new york back into the 50s. salt lake city, 48 degrees. let's go back to you, randy.
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this is good. i love stories about karma, right? >> karma is good. >> in oakland, california, some sixth graders think every time they go out, they clean trash and they try and help make the place look good. usually they just find empty potato chips bag and other trash, but last week they found real treasure. a bag stuffed full of jewelry, coin, silverware, and even candlesticks. it was apparently stashed next to a wall. they were pretty excited. >> how can you not be? no idea where it came from? it's still kind of a mystery? >> kind of is. listen to this. >> i heard screaming, so i ran over, and i saw what was in the bag, and i was, just, like, oh, my god, is this really happening? >> hopefully through investigations, we can determine if this was illegally obtained or what the mystery is behind these items being left in the lake. >> we are most excited to think
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that we are part of trying to solve a robbery because we thought it was stolen. >> nice. >> they really still take it seriously. that police officer is pretty intense. they do say no one claims the items within 90 days, that the students get to take them. stwroo unblooenl. >> maybe they won't need to have a bake sale or something. >> there gu. >> exactly. we found stuff in the bag. in a bag. in the underwater department. >> who needs a bake sale, right? >> done. >> very nice. interesting stuff. >> after the break, we're taking a look at a new film that is taking on bullying, so why is it stirring up so much controversy? i'll explain next. #
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welcome back, everyone. if you or your child have been the victim of a bully, you'll understand how alex feels. listen to this. >> they knock things out of my
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hand, take things from me, sit on me. they push things so far that i want to become the bully. >> bullying is a painful situation that many families are dealing with. in a documentary film just released this weekend called "bully" the director lee h irsch takes it on the battle of five families. here's corim winter with more. >> file kind of nervous going to school because i like learning, but i have trouble with making friends. >> lee also knows how hard it is to fit in. as a boy the filmmaker says he was relentlessly beaten up and kicked on, and that's why he wanted to make a movie like bully. >> someone that's a victim of
3:19 am
constant bullying, it's akin to torture. you know, you start to connect with suicides. >> kids have told him he is worthless, to go hang himself. >> it's so tragic to see some of our young people taking their own life because, you know, their self-esteem is beat down by bullies. >> a perkins boy, just 1 1 years old, believed to be desperate enough to take his own life. >> kids need to see it. >> for the children who have seen the film, hirsch says the response has been remarkable. >> we have had thousands of children writing in. this movie has given us confidence and made us feel like they belong and they're not alone. on the flip side, there's -- they can now say i'm stepping up to bullying. >> the libby family join me next
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hour around 8:15 time, and if you would like to ask the family a question, including alex libby, who was bullied, you can tweet me. have question for the film's producers, we'll ask her your questions as well. tweet me
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welcome back. time right now about 23 minutes past the hour. time to check out some stories making news around the nation. u.s. marshalls in galveston, texas, briefly seized a carnival cruiseship. a judge ordered the carnival
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triumph held in court as part of a $10 million lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman who died on the costa concordia cruiseship. the ship was forced to sit in the port for several hours. both sides did reportedly reach a deal allowing the ship to go on a five-day cruise to mexico. >> this is us and all our friends and everything. we're just trying to have a go ahead time. in charlotte seventh grader maria brooks is probably wishing she was on vacation. her school didn't suspend her. in instead they had something else in mind. >> she told us that we were going to have to clean the bathrooms. start basically scrubbing the toilet with these gloves on and an apron. >> she said we are very aware that there were three children that were made to clean the rest rooms. she said, but, again, the only thing i'm going to tell you is i'm sorry. >> and take a look at this. a fun way to spend a spring day in atlanta. people and their dogs. incredible dog challenge.
3:25 am
it was an opportunity for everyday dogs to run, jump, and swim in olympic-like challenges. >> well, syria promised a cease-fire, but fierce fighting continues to rage. talks are underway in turkey, but can the international community stop the violence? a live report straight ahead. you're watching cnn. water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. welcome back. thanks store starting your morning with us. it's about half pass the hour. gun explosions are echoing through syria again this morning. top officials gather in neighboring turkey to try to stop the violence. >> i have to -- >> this is video of the city of homs that's been under siege for months. earlier this week the u.n. said at least one million syrians desperately need humanitarian assistance. that's because many people who
3:29 am
live in vermont. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with regional leaders in istanbul to ramp up the pressure on the syrian regime. cnn's ben wiedeman is following things for us from beirut. people there are still being killed in syria. doesn't sound like a cease-fire to me. >> reporter: no, there is no cease-fire on the ground in syria. despite the fact that last tuesday the syrian government did accept the u.n. arab league peace plan being pushed by kofi annan. you just have to look at the numbers, randy. according to the opposition local coordination committees, at least 70 people were killed in fighting yesterday, including children, and the syrian government has made it clear, it's not going to, for instance, pull out its troops from towns and villages until what one spokesman said, it establishes peace and stability in those towns. it appears, however, randy, it's
3:30 am
establishing that peace and stability by utterly crushing this uprising. >> yeah. it certainly seems that way. well lot talks in turkey help, do you think, ben? >> reporter: well, certainly they do represent sort of a consensus and a sort of world consensus on the need to push the syrian regime to stop the crackdown and to begin some sort of reforms. we had a similar meeting a month ago in tunis of the so-called friends of syria, and very little actually was done that made a difference on the ground, and this is the complaint we're hearing from the opposition within syria is that international diplomats are meeting in these very low -- high profile summits, but very little is changing for those who are under fire. >> and now we have the u.s. twuf state hillary clinton announcing more humanitarian aid. will that make a difference?
3:31 am
>> it's really a drop in the bucket. i mean, united states and britain have said that they are -- or that they are providing communications equipment to the opposition within syria of britain announcing that it would provide $800,000 in communications equipment. but the problem is that there is the opposition in syria that's facing a very well armed regime with some of the latest russian weaponry and the opposition has very little when it comes to fighting back. they have small arms, ak-47s, rpg's, but very little to defend themselves in what is a war. randy. >> ben for us watching the happenings in syria. thank you very much. getting a check now on your top stories. a crippled racing yacht will be aided by the u.s. coast guard. their mission? to rescue injured members of the
3:32 am
crew after the race around the world was interrupted by stormy weather. race organizers say the yacht was hit by a large wave that swept away both steering and communications equipment. the coast guard expects to reach the yacht around 8:00 a.m. this morning. chaos breaking out at a miami funeral home. a mass shooting there killed two people and injured 12 others. police say the shots erupted while funeral services were taking place. a 5-year-old girl is among the wounded. she's now in stable condition this morning. zirchlg the body of a u.s. soldier who died in afghanistan while saving a little girl's life is now back home. specialist dennis was riding in a convoy that stopped to remove some children out of its path, but when one of the children ran back into the road, wyfell rescued her. he is survived by his parents, beyonce, and three children and was awarded the bronze star. reynolds here now. keeping a close eye on the colorado wildfires, right? >> an amazing story coming out
3:33 am
of there. this is supposed to be a controlled burn, right? what happened? cnn's brian todd has more on one family's close escape. >> the hellish scene and the child's voice tell the story. >> daddy. >> we're going to be fine. >> fine. >> where is mom? what you stoppin'for? >> it's down there. it's down there. she was not [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in two vehicles the family is scrambling for their lives. the late afternoon sky is black and orange. fire lapping the edges of the road as the family hurdles down it. >> there it is. right here. right here. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. we're out. we're out. >> this scene videotaped by the family's 13-year-old son as they successfully escaped the lower
3:34 am
north fork wildfire near denver. at one point doug's wife, kim, in the lead car put on her brakes thinking they may need to turn around. >> and then our neighbor passed her, and he knew that there was only about a half mile of that to drive through, and he went in front of us, and he got out. it was terrifying. >> reporter: with that fire so close burning on both sides of a steep mountain road, did the family make the right call in trying to drive through it? we asked an expert. greg kay was in charge of preventing and dealing with wildfires. he says people who live in those areas have to have defensible open space around their homes, have to get out early. if that's not an option -- >> let's just try and get out of the way. my understanding was they were in kind of a deadend situation. they couldn't go back the way they had come. >> they are among dozens of families displaced by a wildfire
3:35 am
that colorado authorities are now apologizing for. these fires were set by a so-called controlled burn last week that quickly got out of control, killing at least two people. colorado's governor has launched an investigation and says this about a controlled burn. >> we asked to suspend something on allstate land, wherever the state park service operates. just to evaluate and, again, look at these procedures, processes, and protocols, do the best job we can of assessing the conditions. >> reporter: one thing the governors they're looking at is whether there is enough moisture on the air and the ground at the time to manage a controlled burn. there may not have been, and greg says in those areas there's so much fuel on the ground fires can explode quickly even if there's moderate wind. brian todd, cnn, washington. that was pretty amazing. that family escaping. you have covered wildfires. you can only imagine what they were thinking as that was closing in on them. >> you heard in brian's story
3:36 am
that there is a little bit of controversy about this as to the prescribed burn. should they have had the burns? you know this, randy. a lot of viewers might not. prescribed burns, controlled burns are something that happens all the time. it's part of foresty management, but in this situation it just so happened they were trying to move a little bit of that timber out of there with the controlled burns, but the conditions were just very, very bad in terms of very, very low humidity and strong winds. as you know, that can really push the embers and cause basically a crowning effect where the fire goes from treetop to treetop and can move very rapidly, and, of course, it's detrimental. >> how risky do you think it was for this family to try and get out of it in their car? basically they made it, but that was a tough call. >> no question about it. thank heavens they made it through. i mean, certainly they can move very quickly. >> temperatures go up to about 1
3:37 am
nows degrees fahrenheit. trees can literally explode in a situation like that. tree sapp is flammable, and it's a natural process. not, of course, to have people in danger like that, but we've had wildfires as long as the planet has been here. >> right. >> it's not something that just started yesterday, but when people live in wooded areas and you have a natural -- when you have a fire, will you have some issues. >> incredible video. all right. coming up, last minute plea for campaign cash. you could even win a date, a date, with mitt romney. why were the candidates begging for midnight money? patricia murphy --
3:38 am
3:39 am
to politics now and we have some more primaries coming up this week. wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia. joining me now is patricia
3:40 am
murphy, founder and editor of "citizen jane politics" and contributor to the daily beast. all right. we mentioned these contests. wisconsin wishgs maryland, district of columbia, which has the most -- which is most important? >> wisconsin is by far the most important. wisconsin is just a classic battleground state. that's the state that democrats and republicans both think they have a good chance in in the fall, and so every candidate, every republican candidate, wants to show that they can pick up these battleground states. mitt romney has done much better in these battleground states than rick santorum has, and rick santorum's time is running out to change that dynamic. it's up to him to change the storyline, and he has to do that in wisconsin. that's why it's so important on tuesday. >> so if mitt romney takes wisconsin, is he going to firm this up? >> well, you know, for him it is all about these delegates. can he get to 11,44 before the convention? we don't know the answer to that. right now there's a chance he couldn't get quite that far. it's going to be up to him to start to pick up not only wisconsin, but every single one of these. for rick santorum, wisconsin
3:41 am
will be tough because it's a lot lessee advantage elcal. less than 50% evangelicals. he has not won an evangelical state. it's an uphill climb for him, but he needs to start pecking up these states. >> let's talk about this mad dash for cash at midnight last night. everyone was asking for money. president obama and the first lady are sending emails asking supporters for $3 brsh ann romney telling donors they could win a date with mitt. i don't know what that's about, but okay. why this late run for cash? >> this is the last quarter going into this next quarter. this is the last quarter of the primary season essentially, so for republicans, it is essential to bank your cash going into these last three months before june. for the president also he wants to start -- he is lagging, actually, from his 2008 totals. he needs to start banking a lot more money than he has so far. votes are sort of the lagging indicator. we know how people have done so far in the primaries. money is the leading indicator.
3:42 am
it shows how well you're prepared to do in upcoming elections. that's why money is so important for these candidates. >> romney had a strong week in terms of endorsements. he had george w. bush, kongman paul ryan. does any one of those carry a little more weight than the other? >> all three are great endorsements. i would say jeb bush is probably the most important when you look ahead to the fall. jeb bush is very well known nationally. he is also very well liked by independent voters. there is actually a poll out that shows if mitt romney picked jeb bush as his running mate, he would beat president obama. without him, he is tied or losing to president obama. a jeb bush endorsement is a big, big pickup for him when he look ahead to november. >> what about marco rubio? could that help him with the tea party? >> absolutely. he and paul ryan are both beloved by the tea party. marco rubio in particular is liked among the latino community. all three are important. rubio has only been in the senate for a year and a half.
3:43 am
he is very important for the republican base, but when you look ahead to november, he doesn't have quite the broad support that somebody like jeb bush has. >> when you and i return next sunday to talk mrikdz, what will we be talking about in terms of newt gingrich? >> i want you to make a prediction, and we'll see what happens. >> the question will be whether newt -- this is what i ask myself every morning. what's he up to? >> i don't know. i think he will still be -- he has this internal fighter spirit that really nobody in america or the world can quash or extinguish or expire, but the most important and the worst news for him this week is that his main donor sheldon adelson who has really bankrolled the pac has said that newt gingrich is at the end of the line. when your big donor says that, you're probably at the end of the line. >> he is ready to back romney as well. >> the other piece of that. >> we'll see what happens next sunday. >> yes, we will. >> just ahead, a massive
3:44 am
security breach. ten million credited debit card owners could be in danger of identity theft. we'll tell you what we can do to protect yourself.
3:45 am
time for what we like to call a little r and r. stories that caught our eye. a little reynolds and randy time. this one i know you're going to be broken-hearted, but it turns out according to reuters come the summer olympics, female beach volleyball players will have the option of wearing long-sleeved tops and shorts instead of those bikinis. >> it's just an option. they don't have to go that route. we now have opings here. >> are you going to hold a protest?
3:46 am
>> if you are going to make this change, why stop there? in the nfl are they going to start wearing grass skirts? >> it actually has something to do on a more serious note, some countries for religious and cultural reasons they require this flexibility. it is an option. i think the cover-up is probably unlikely. >> would i say absorb where. >> this batman story. we've been talking about batman a little bit. we're going to talk about quaker oats first. the quaker oats guy, in case you are a fan of oatmeal, he got a makeover. the guy on the can, larry, he is -- his double chin is gone. they put him on somewhat of a diet, i guess, to convince people that oatmeal really is healthy. >> quaker is a wonderful company. you take a look at the guy on the left. let's hang on the image. you look at him, and it's a guy you trust. par take of my delicious cereal. it's great. it's wholesome. it's wufrl.
3:47 am
the guy on the right says, hey, i'm ready to party, and i take breakfast food to a whole new sexy level. we're going to have a great time. >> you've said that you actually like him kind of plump. >> i like the heavy guy. i'm a traditionalist. i like volleyball players to wear what they're supposed to wear. what will him? do you think he should have a bikini rule? >> i'm not saying that he needs to sport the banana hammock, but -- >> oh, that is way too early for that visual. thank you. >> let's just go from the shoulders up. which one do you personally like? you know that i like the heavier guy. which one do you like? >> i don't -- i am at a loss. i still got banana hammock on the brain. all right. moving on, shall we? >> for safety's sake, yes. >> like to keep our jobs. the secret service has stepped in to investigate a hacking that could affect ten million credited debit card accounts. i spoke with finance expert clyde anderson to say how
3:48 am
hackers can use your information to make new cards and what you can do to protect yourself. >> they actually process the payments, and so all this data is going out there, and what happens is when it's out there, they can take that data, pull it down, and actually create a new card, and they can go off and charge. >> is there any way to know if someone has created a new card? >> what you have to do is check your information, and that's why credit cards -- fraud is so big because a lot of times we don't pay attention to the details. we really have to go back and pay attention to the details. we're in the information and we pull that information down, and we look at each charge. don't even discard the little charges. look at everything. >> you said, what, ten million. ten million people are at risk. >> is there any way to avoid that risk? is there any way to protect ourselves? >> it's hard to protect yourself on the front end. that's why laws are in place to make sure that you're only responsible for a small amount. $50 generally is what you are responsible for, and a lot of credit card companies will wave
3:49 am
that. really you have to go in and report it as soon as possible so it's up to you to go ahead and make sure that the information on your report, the information on your credit card statements is accurate. >> visa and mastercard have already started alerting customers. being skinny is now a crime in parts of the fashion industry. ewe watching weekend early start. ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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welcome back, everyone. we go to israel. ait has become the first country to ban model who's are too thin. the goal is to fight the spread of eating disorders. this is the first time. it's incredible. >> it is groundbreaking law. in essence, what the new israeli law is saying is that models have to have a bmi of at least 18.5%. >> body mass index. >> body mass index. weight over height ratio, or they cannot work. it also says that if photographs are photo shopped in any way, there has to be a disclaimer, and, finally, if a model is naturally very, very thin, she literally has to have a doctor's
3:53 am
certificate. >> she has to bring in a doctor's note? there are some people that are just fally thin. >> yes. >> there are people who naturally have a very low bmi, but the law was championed by a fashion photographer, and i wanted you to hear from him why he feels this is so important and why now. >> something happened in the last 20 years. always the model was key, but not too skinny, and i found that it was thin or too thin, it's little different than between life and death. >> how do you think -- how do you think it's going to be received? >> it's going to be very interesting, and there is many some controversy because as you say, some people are naturally very thin, and you don't want to discriminate against thin models, but he speaks about one of israel's most famous models, and what happened to her was there was so much pressure to be thin that she got anorexic and she died of a heart attack related to anorexia in his arms. for that he has championed this
3:54 am
law and for anybody who wants to check out their bmi, there are so many web sites who do it. the world health organization says your bmi should be between 18.5% and 24.9%. i know looking at you who is so slim there's probably less, but, again, check it out. go on to a website and have a look. again, there may be some controversy over it, but certainly a step in the right direction about saying are we distorted many the way we look at models? >> just reading about it, it says a 6 foot tall model must weigh no less than 136 pounds. 6 foot tall. no less than 136 pounds. of course. >> one would think, but what's happened is the pressure to be thin is so extreme and they're saying that young girls are becoming increasingly anorexic and bulemic. i have two daughters, and just looking at making sfwleen, the pressure to say we need to be so thin. that's what this law is saying. it is passed by the israeli government, and it is now
3:55 am
legislated. what's interesting, randy, is to see how it will be enforced. that will be our next -- >> i wonder if it was ever enforced ms country how many models would be working right now. thank you very much. very interesting. keep it right here on cnn in our next hour. i will be joined by a special guest, nick krzysztof of the "new york times". we'll discuss his latest column, the internet, and a very large wall street company. that's coming up at 7:00. plus -- >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta, and i'll be answering your questions about the health care law. a lot of questions about this. how will it affect you, your family? what happens if the supreme court throws it all out? starts. and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian,
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here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now.
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welcome back, everyone. let's get you caught up on fuse that may have been off your radar. honda is recalling more than
3:59 am
half a million suvs because the headlights could go out without warning. the automaker says there could be problems with the wiring systems. they're sending letters to the owners of 2002 to 2004 crv's, and the 2003 honda pilot suv. a modern day ultimate mate im. cancel your facebook account or get kicked out of school. the school administrator in new york explains. >> we want them to be in the real world with real friends. >> and you don't feel that facebook is the real world? >> it's not the real world. >> students who have facebook accounts had to fork up $100 to the school. they can get that money back as long as they stay off the social network for the rest of the semester. it's a two-year-old rule at the school, and students have to sign a no facebook pledge at the beginning of the year. >> they knew it was a rule, and that's it. prince harry has left home. the 27-year-old prince has moved out of his dad's place and into his big brother's home. he is actually moving into a


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